Configure your prediction
Please note: This tool is part of a manuscript currently under peer-review. Feel free to use and test it, but also keep your eye out for the upcoming publication!
Training Set
Example ATP synthase training set
Example replisome training set

Uniprot Acc. Protein Name Gene Name #
Hint:    Ctrl + click on a row will take you to Uniprot resources for the given protein.
Paste a list of proteins using Uniprot IDs or select them from the table. Please do not specify protein isoforms (e.g. use P36542, not P36542-2), all available isoforms will be taken into account automatically. Proteins which are not present in our database will be ignored.
You can upload 5 to 50 proteins. Please also provide an experiment name and an email address, to which your results will be sent. We will not use your email address for anything else.